Joey Holder & John Russell
LD5O Gallery, London
April-May 2016
  Parasite TWO TALKS
Watts Institute, SF
March 21, 2016
Press Release
Yale Union, Portland
March 24, 2016

Solo show
Bridget Donahue Gallery, NY
Nov 2015 – Jan 2016.

Text ‘SQRRL’,
published in Rhizome, Dec 2015


Lofoten International Art
Festival. Disappearing Acts

Svolvær, Norway,
28 Aug –27 Sept 2015.
3 commissioned back-lit prints.
Curated by Matt Packer
& Arne Skaug Olsen

  Black Forest Magic
Dan Mitchell & John Russell,
Dold Projects,
Sankt Georgen,
Apr - June 2015

Solo show
Black Church Print Studio,
17 - 31 January


Aquarium Proletarium
Solo show
MOT International
Dec 11 - Jan 31 2015.


The Good Shepherd
Solo show
Nov 13 - Dec 21 2014.

  Everything is About to Happen An ongoing archive of artists’ books
Group show
Frozen Tears I-III included
as part of The Library Vacine.
Artists Space, New York
Sept 25 - Nov 16 2014

Solo show
Portman Gallery,
6th - 14th March 2014

Judgement. The kangaroo is not happy. It's not clear who or what it represents but its not in good place, 2014
Backlit digital print on vinyl
3.5m x 6.87m.

  x A Speculum That Shines
Group show
15 March - 12 April.
Incl. Alastair MacKinven,
Dawn Mellor, Paul Sharits,
Jim Shaw, and Cathy Wilkes. Curated by Eoin Donnelly and Sara Knowland.

8 x AO digital prints
  Capital CAPITAL
Exhibition of posters by Andrew Cooper, Enda Deburka, Dean Kenning and John Russell
Xero, kline & coma,
4 May – 26 May 2013

BANK show
10th Jan - 16th Feb 2013
72 New Bond Street
London, W1S 1RR

Solo show
MOT International,
May - June 2012


SOFA,, 2012
  Joiner THR S NT & NVR HS BN

ASC Gallery,
August 2012
  The Social The Social, 2011
Performance by
Fabienne Audéoud
& John Russell
Saturday September 17
at the Opening of
'After Shelley Duvall '72
(Frogs on the High Line)'
at Maccarone, New York

Fabienne Audéoud
and John Russell
Giraffes with faces of ecstatic saints 2011
Oil/acrylic on microfibre, 2011.

After Shelley Duvall '72 (Frogs on the High Line)
Maccarone, New York
September 17 to Oct 22, 2011

Painting Show
Eastside Projects, Birmingham
26 Nov 2011 to 25 Feb 2012

  Eastside Mono))chr~o~*me~*~'`^`'~*-,._.,-*~'`^`'~*-Joy 2011
Back-lit digital print on vinyl
400 x 779cm

Narrative Show
Eastside Projects,
15 July – 10 September 2011


Brighton: Grey Area & LGP, 2011
A4 size publication, 44 pages, ISBN: 978-1-84600-042

Produced for the exhibition Preying Mantiss
Grey Area, Brighton

18 June 2011 to 03 July 2011

  Thatcher's eyes

Angel of History. I can see for miles 2011
Digital print installed on the railway bridge that spans Southend-on-Sea’s pedestrianised high street.

Commissioned public artwork
Focal Point Gallery, Southend
12 Sept - 22 Oct 2011

  Vermillion Vortex Vermillion Vortex, (2010)

Animated film
22:48 mins
Commissioned by Art Review Magazine, Nov 2010
  John Russell Sculpture Frieze

Public Sculpture [the social], 2010
Commissioned sculpture for
Frieze Art Fair Sculpture Park
Regents Park, London
14 – 17 October, 2010
Double-strike CMYK print on vinyl
on deep buttressed Layher system scaffold
(4.2 x 8.4 x 6.23 metres)

  John Russell Explain Death to Young children

Explain Death to Very Young Children, 2010
Solo show
O U T P O S T Gallery,
2 - 21 May 2010
Including launch of Issue Four: Negative Space (2010)
Letterpress print in an Edition of 109 produced by
Stone Canyon Nocturne

  John Russell Artist of the Month Invisible Export

Artist of the Month Club: February, 2010
Commissioned print.
Invisible Exports Gallery, New York

John Russell Barefoot in the Head

Barefoot in the Head, 2009
Performance Event
curated by Mark Beasley,
Alun Rowlands & John Russell
@ Bruce High Quality Venue,
New York.
12 November 2009

  John Russell Dark Monarch

Untitled (Abstraction of Labour Time/ Eternal Recurrence/ Monad) 2009
Backlit digital print on vinyl,
450 x 7660 cm

The Dark Monarch
Magic & Modernity in British Art

Tate St Ives. Oct 2009 - Jan 2010.
Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne
23 Jan − 21 March 2010

  John Russell East International 2009

Faerie Poem, 2009
Backlit digital print on vinyl, 475 x 1064cm and/or giclée print on archival paper, 21 x 29.7cm.

Exhibited in East International 09
Norwich Gallery, Norwich.

  John Russell Frieze project 2009

Why are conceptual artists juicing again? Because they moisturise its a glistening sparkle (2009)
Illustrated text

Artist's project,
Frieze Magazine
September 2009


Ocean Pose [Pink] (2008)
Backlit digital print on vinyl, 3 x 7.9M

Exhibited in Sudden White/GSK Contemporary
Group exhibition
Royal Academy, London

  John_Russell_The_Paint The Paint (2008)
Solo show.
MOT International, London

13 paintings. Various dimensions.
Oil paint and digital print on vinyl.



Untitled [Butterfly] (2008)
A4 digital print

Exhibited in in A4 Editions
Group Show
Five Years Gallery, London


Uncle Chop Chop Magazine 4
Edited by J.Beagles and G.Ramsay
Edinburgh: Edinburgh Col of Art: 2008


Untitled [Mummy] (2008)

Digital image
Published in Fools Gold
Issue 1: Practice and Improvisation in performance
Edited by Lucy Keaney
Edinburgh: Edinburgh College of Art, 2008.

  Return of Living Dead

Return Of the living dead III. Clement Greenberg
is a conceptual artist: Flatness and Shapeism

Circulated as part of Whitney Biennial by
Dexter Sinister.

& published in Gest/Laboratory of Synthesis,
(eds) R Garnett and A Hunt.
London: Bookworks, 2008.

& performed in True Mirror Microfiche by
Dexter Sinister,as part of Talk Show at ICA, London, 2009.

  John Russell Return of the Living Dead

Ne pas jouer avec des choses mortes (2008)

Group exhibition at Villa Arson, Nice
In collaboration with Fabienne Audeoud.
Group show including John Bock, Mike Kelley,
Roman Signer
and Franz West.

  John Russell Mute Magazine cover Mute Magazine
Cover Design
Vol 2, No. 8.
May 2008
  John Russell Intrusions au Petit Palais

Intrusions au Petit Palais (2007)
Exhibition of the painting 'The Pink Too,' 2002 in group show at Musée du Petit Palais, Paris.
In collaboration with Fabienne Audeoud.

  John Russell Art & Art [...] Symposium (2007)
ICA, London.

Convened by John Russell and Alun Rowlands. Speakers including
Paul Buck, Felix Ensslin,
JJ Charlesworth, Maria Fusco [as Patricia MacCormack],
Peter Osborne, John Cussans
and Fabienne Audeoud.
  John Russell What Capitalism Produces is Gravediggers What Capitalism produces best is its own gravediggers (2007)
16 illustrations included in the book Six impossible things before breakfast (ed) Olga Adelantado.
Published by Centro Cultural Montehermoso, 2008,
in section curated by Andy Hunt
  Frozen Tears 3 Frozen Tears III (2007)
Contributing editor/designer.
800-page horror/theory BESTSELLER. Publ. by Article Press, University of Central England, incl. Dennis Cooper, Kool Keith, Bonnie Camplin, Stewart Home, Jeffrey Vallance & Patricia McCormack

Launch events: [London] Koenig Books, Charing X Rd,
(collab. with Koenig Books/Cabinet Gallery); [New York] Dexter Sinister and 205 Club,
(collaboration with Creative Time NY); [San Francisco] SF Camerawork.
  John Russell Ocean Pose

Ocean Pose (2007)
Solo show.
Matts Gallery,

Four large-scale backlit digital prints.


  John Russell Off Modern

Off Modern (2007)
La Station, Nice.

Group show. Collaboration with Fabienne Audeoud.
Incl. Rita Ackerman, Blood ‘n’ Feathers, Josh Smith and Reena Spawlings.

  John Russell On Platforming

On Platforming (2006)
Locust Projects,
Miami, Florida, USA.

Installation of Frozen Tears books.
Group exhibition
including Nicholas Frank,
Gaylen Gerber,
Paul Druecke and General Store.
Curator: Gean Moreno.

  John Russell Painters Without Paintings Painters without paintings and
paintings without painters (2006)

Orchard Gallery, New York, USA.

Group show including Simon Bedwell, Daniel Buren,
Merlin Carpenter, Nicolas Guagnini, Jutta Koether,
Michael Krebber,
Lucy MacKenzie, Blake Rayne,
Reena Spaulings, and Cheyney Thompson.
Curator: Gareth James.

  Visible & Expressible The Visible and the Expressible: Flesh Doesn’t
Travel Well These Days
Solo show.

Transmission Gallery, Glasgow.
  Geniess Geniess (2005)
Solo show.
Norwich Gallery
  Post no Bills

Post no bills (2005)
White Columns,
New York.

Group show. Collaboration with Fabienne Audeoud.
40 artists including Lucy MacKenzie, Bob & Roberta
Smith. Fiona Banner, Allen Ruppersberg,
Rirkrit Tiravanija, John Waters, John Armleder,
Walead Beshty. Curated by Matthew Higgs.

  Pourquoi les femmes... Pourquoi les femmes aiment-elles l’enfer? (2005)
Confort Moderne, Poitiers, France.

Solo show. Exhibition of collaborative work - Fabienne
Audeoud and
John Russell 2000-2005 (cat).
  SlimVolume Slimvolume (2004)
Group show and publication organised by Andrew Hunt.
REDUX, London.


  The Thinking The Thinking (2004)
PS1/MoMa, New York USA.

Collaboration with Mark Beasley, Sam Walls & Damon
Packard. As part of Romantic Detachment exhibition
curated by Grizedale Arts. Including Jeremy Deller, Bedwyr
Williams, Adam Chodzko and Emily Wardill.

  Voicing the Vagina Voicing the Vagina (2004)
[Bookworks Commission] in collaboration with
Fabienne Audéoud.

8 Limited edition posters and film event/installation at
Commercial Tavern, London. Posters also flyposted
around London. Toured as part of Infra Thin Projects to
Ikon Gallery, Birmingham and International 3, Manchester.
Incl. Mark Leckey and Mark Titchner.
Curated by Mark Beasley.


Axxxpressunizm (2004)
Vilma Gold Gallery, London (June)
and Alice Day Gallery, Brussels.

Group show curated by John Russell & Mark Beasley.
Including Matt Greene, Brock Enright, Damon Packard,
Lorenzo De Los Angeles II, Scott Hugg, Amie Dicke and
Jesse Bransford.

  Pink Paintings

Pink Paintings (2002-04)
Fabienne Audéoud & John Russell

Shown at: Intrusions: Selection of works from the FMAC
collection (2007-08), Musée du Petit Palais, Paris;
Off Modern
(2007), La Station, Nice, France;
Pourquoi les femmes aiment-elles l'enfer?
Confort Moderne, Poitiers, France; and Voicing
the Vagina
(2004), Launch event, London (see above).


Sleaze Magazine (2004)
6 Page artist project.
June 2004, pp 105-111

  Frozen Tears II

Frozen Tears II: the sequel (2004)
Contributing editor/designer.
800-page horror/theory BESTSELLER.

Including Kathy Acker, Dominique Auch, Dennis Cooper,
Trinie Dalton, Sue De Beer, Felix Ensslin, Dan Fox, Matthew
Greene, Pierre Guyotat, Rachel Howe, Kevin Killian,
Christopher Knowles, Gean Moreno, J.P. Munro, Paulina
Olowska, Damon Packard, Allison Smith, Banks Violette,
Benjamin Weissman, & Thom Wolf

Launches and readings at Skylight Books, LA; Jack Hanley Gallery,
San Francisco; Maccarone Inc, New York; Moonlighting Night Club,
London (in collaboration with Cabinet Gallery); installation at
Axxxpressunizm (2004), Vilma GoldGallery, London.

  Frozen Tears I

Frozen Tears I (2003)
Contributing editor/designer.
800-page horror/theory BESTSELLER.

Texts by Art & Language, Fabienne Audéoud, Dave Beech,
Paul Buck, David Burrows, Ccru, Jake Chapman,
John Cussans, johnny golding, Inventory, Martin Mcgeown,
Lucy Mckenzie, Esther Planas, Graham Ramsay, John Russell,
Clara Ursitti
and Andrew Williamson

Novel and posters exhibited at Cabinet Gallery, London.



The Trade Apartment, London

Co-curated group exhibition in collaboration with
Raymund Brinkman and Mark Beasley.

  Twenty women...

The withdrawal from conversation/the return to the oceanic: the weight of the breast. Twenty women play
the drums topless
South London Gallery.

Performance organised in collaboration with Fabienne
Audéoud and Wayne Lloyd. Subsequently restaged at
Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (2003) and Serralves Museum
of Contemporary Art, Porto (2006).

  The Collagist The Collagist (2002)
Solo show. The Trade Apartment, London.
  Abstract Paintings

Abstract Painting (2001)
The International 3, Manchester.

  Recent Paintings Recent Paintings (2001)
Ten digital prints

Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.


  Becks Futures 2 Becks Futures 2 (2001)
In collaboration with Fabienne Audéoud.
ICA, London.

Group show touring to: Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh;
Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool; Sotheby's, New York;
Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle (cat.).

  John Russell Kills Fabienne Audeoud

John Russell kills Fabienne Audéoud in the style
of William Burroughs
In collaboration with Fabienne Audéoud

The Trade Apartment, London.

  There is nothing so profane... There is nothing so profane to a man as an
ugly woman...

Exhibition of paintings and films.
Solo exhibition. In collaboration with Fabienne Audéoud.

Beaconsfield, London.


  Performance-ative Paintings Performance-ative Paintings (2000)
25 Painitings produced by Fabienne Audéoud & John Russell

Shown at: Off Modern La Station, Nice, France (2007);
Pourquoi les femmes aiment-elles l'enfer?
Confort Moderne,
Poitiers, France (2005); Becks Futures 2, ICA, London (2001);
There is nothing so profance to a man as an ugly woman...

Beaconsfield, London (2000).

  BANK exhibitions DowntoBANK
  If Hope were a Time Machine If Hope Were a Time Machine (1999)

BANK solo show. Magazin 4
Bregenz, Austria
  Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams Paintings (1999)

First shown at EAST
Norwich Gallery,

Also shown at:
Protest and Survive.
Whitechapel Gallery,
London 2002

  Fax-Bak New York

The BANK FAX-BAK service (1999)
New York

Corrected press releases.

Solo show.
Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, New York, USA

  Fax-Bak London

The BANK FAX-BAK service (1999)
Corrected press releases.

Solo show.
Gallerie Poo Poo, 34 Underwood Street, London.

  Dead Life

Dead Life (1999)
Mayor Gallery, 22a Cork Street, London

Solo BANK exhibition.


White[cubed], 1998

3 exhibitions:
BANK and Bethan Huws
/Art & Language/Lolly Batty.
Gallerie Poo Poo, London.

  Stop Short Changing us

Stop short-changing us.
Popular culture is for idiots.
We believe in art.
Gallerie Poo Poo, London

Solo BANK exhibition

  Whos afraid of...

Who's Afraid of The Red, White & Blue? (1998)
Conference @ UCE, Birmingham

Including BANK, Michael Corris, Jean Fisher, Mark Harris, Jaki Irvine,Yinka Shonibare,
Gavin Turk, Mark Wallinger, Peter Wollenand & Patricia Bickers

  Gallerie Winner

Gallerie Winner (1998)
DOG, 34 Underwood Street, London

BANK and Wayne Winner.

  Truth Boulder

Truth Boulder (1998) & Bourgeois Art Object Attempting
to Escape the Gallery

BANK sculptures

Shown at Oldense, Denmark (1996); Their Chromakey and Ours Waygood, Newcastle (1996); Manchester Town Hall
as part of
Eastenders (1998).

  Mask of Gold Mask of Gold (1997)
DOG, 34 Underwood Street, London

Group show curated/produced by BANK.
Including Christy Astuy, BANK, David Burrows, Margarita Gluzberg,
Mark Jones, Roddy Thomson & The Lowe Brothers,
Peter Seymour and Eric Wright


Winkle (1997)

BANK, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Minimal Club, John Cussans & Ranu Mukhergee,
Michelle Griffiths and Russell Haswell. Gallerie Poo Poo, London.
Touring to Bricks & Kicks, Vienna.




God (1997)
DOG, 34 Underwood Street, London

Liz Arnold and BANK.

  The BANK

The BANK Tabloid (1997)
Various Issues

Launch event of The BANK Tabloid 'It's a Stitch-Up!'
@ DOG, 34 Underwood st, London.

  Life/ Live

Life/Live (1996/7)
Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, France
and Centro Cultural De Belem, Lisbon.

Survey show of Bristish art. BANK's contribution: Cool Tears;
including BANK, Simon Martin, and John Stezaker.


DOG, Underwood St, London

8 Shows staged simultaneously, Dec '96 - Jan '97. Bonkers Bird,- Goffick/Goorfick,
Shut up you stupid cunt, Togetherness, Stapleton's Last Show, The Pathology of Social
Interaction, House of Wax
and Ocean Floor.

  BANK TV BANK T.V (1997)

Filming 6 hours a day, 6 days a wekk for 3 weeks in London and Manchester.
Distributing the output daily to venues including ICA, London; Transmission
Gallery, Glasgow; Castlefield Gallery, Machester and The Eagle Pub, London.

  Class Vegas

Class Vegas (1997)
The Embassy, London

Organised by Dave Beech. Incl. series of Posters by BANK.

  Fuck Shit Walk

Fuck Shit Walk (1996)

  Darling Cicciolina

My Darling Cicciolina... (1995)
Last Order(s) 134 Curtain Road, London

Group Show Incl. BANK, Martin Creed, Jeremey Deller, Matthew Shadbolt, Jane Simpson, Bob & Roberta Smith, Jessica Voorsanger

  Roadworks Roadworks (1996)
Tottenham Court Road, London

Public art project organised by FAT


Compartments (1996)
Ridehaus, Copenhagen.

Part of Compartments project, various sites in Copenhagen. Incl. Allgirls, ampcom, BANK, Bricks and Kicks, Ciy Racing, Globe, Minimal Club, Name Diffusion, Purple Prose, Saga Basement, Transmission, W139.

  Happy Squirrel Club The Happy Squirrel Club (1996)
De Fabriek, Eindhoven

Liz Arnold, BANK, Anke Dessin, Stephen Glynn, Roddy Thompson & Colin Lane,
Neil Miller, Matt Mitchell, Mike Nelson, Peter Newman, Orphan Drift
and Rebecca Warren.

  Fuck Off

Fuck Off (1996)
DOG, London

BANK, Lolly Batty, Gavin Turk and Rebecca Warren.

  Cocaine Orgasm Cocaine Orgasm (1995)
BANKSPACE Curtain Road, London

Tim Allen, Liz Arnold, BANK, Lolly Batty, Simon Bill, John Cussams & Ranu Mukhergee, Stephen Glynn, Gerard Hemsworth, Soren Martinsen, Muntean/Rosenblum, Chris Ofili, Janette Parris, John Stezaker, Michael Stubbs, Rebecca Warren, Maz Wigram, Andrew Williamson.

  Charge of the Light Brigade The Charge of the Light Brigade (1995)

Simon Bedwell, John Cussans & Colin Lane, Matthew Higgs, Orphan Drift, Bob & Roberta Smith.

  Zombie Golf

Zombie Golf (1995)

Dave Beech, Adam Chodzko, Maria Cook, Martin Creed, Peter Doig,
Matthew Higgs,Sivan Lewin, John Stezaker.

  Wish you were here Wish you were here (1994)

Simon Bedwell, Sonia Boyce, David Burrows, The Cabinet Gallery,
Lucy Gunning, Anne-Christian Lislegaard, Matt Mitchelll, Ian Pratt,
John Russell, Bob & Roberta Smith, Milly Thompson and Andrew Williamson.

  Natural History Natural History (1993)
Battlebridge Road, London

BANK, Dave Burrows, John Russell, Milly Thompson and John Timberlake.

  Space International Space International (1992)
Battlebridge Road, London.

Simon Bedwell, Luis Contreras, Dino Demosthenous, Velentine Figueros,
Esther McLaughlin, Derek Ogbourne, Jim Russell, John Russell, Stephen Park.
Touring to El Dientes Del Tiempo Gallery, Valencia (November 1992)

  Chlorine Chlorine (1992)
Marshall Street Leisure Centre, London.

Simon Bedwell, Dino Demosthenous, John Russell, Chris Winter, Julia Judge
and Carole Smith.

  BANK Bank (1991)
Lewisham Way, London

Simon Bedwell, Dino Demosthenous, John Russell, Chris Winter
and Carole Smith.
  Pretend Exhibitions Celebrating the Male (1988-90)

Simon Bedwell & John Russell
Various Venues