John Russell
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  Solo Exhibitions
2022 CAVAPOOL, Cologne Kunstverein, 20 August – 16 October
2021 EARLEY, High Art, Paris, 30 October - 11 December
  Well, Bridget Donahue, New York, January 21 - March 13
2018 DOGGO, Bridget Donahue, New York, July 25 - September 5.
2017 GOLD, High Art, Paris, France, December 14 - February 3, 2018.
  DOGGO, Kunsthalle Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland, August 26 - November 19.
  John Russell, LISZT, Basel Art Fair, June 12–June 18.
  TETRAGRAMMATON, Joey Holder & John Russell, LD50, London, 22nd April-29th May.
2015 SQRRL. Bridget Donahue Gallery, New York, Nov 2015-January 2016.
  Black Forest Magic, Dan Mitchell & John Russell, Dold Projects, Sankt Georgen, Germany, 25 April - 6 June.
  ETON, Black Church Print Studio, Dublin, 17 - 31 January 2015
2014 Aquarium Proletarium, MOT International, London, Dec 11 - Jan 31 2015
  The Good Shepherd, KARST, Plymouth, Nov 13 - Dec 21 2014
  Judgement, Portman Gallery, London, 6th – 14th March
2013 Then suddenly like all at once, The Black Mariah, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, May 11 – June 29. Screening of Vermillion Vortex and posters.
  CAPITAL Andrew Cooper, Enda Deburka, Dean Kenning and John Russell. Xero, kline & coma, London. 4 May – 26 May
2012 JEXUS, MOT International, Brussels, 18 May to 23 June.MOT International, Brussels, 18 May to
2011 Angel of History. I can see for miles. Offsite project. Focal Point Gallery, Southend, November.
  Praying Mantiss. Solo show. The Grey Area. Brighton, June – July.
2010 Public Sculpture, Frieze Sculpture Park commission, Regents park, London, 14–17 Oct.
  Explain Death to Very Young Children. O U T P O S T Gallery, Norwich.
Including launch of Issue Four: Negative Space (2010) by John Russell – limited ed. letterpress - Stone Canyon Nocturne Press.
  Artist of the Month Club: February. Commissioned print. Invisible Exports Gallery, New York
2008 The Paint Solo show. MOT International, London.
2007 Ocean Pose. Solo show. Matts Gallery, London (cat).
  Frozen Tears III. Contributing editor/designer. 800-page horror/theory BESTSELLER, incl. Dennis Cooper, Kool Keith, Bonnie Camplin, Stewart Home, Jeffrey Vallance & Patricia McCormack (Publ. by Article Press, University of Central England). Launch events:[London] Koenig Books, Charing X Rd, (collab. with Koenig Books/Cabinet Gallery); [New York] Dexter Sinister and 205 Club, (collab Creative Time NY); [San Francisco] SF Camerawork.
  Lost in The Thinking Sketch, London.
First screening of Lost in the Thinking. Collaboration with Damon Packard & Mark Beasley.
2005 The Visible and the Expressible: Flesh Doesn’t Travel Well These Days. Transmission Gallery, Glasgow.
  Geniess. Norwich Gallery, Norwich.
  Pourquoi les femmes aiment-elles l’enfer? Confort Moderne, Poitiers, France.
Exhibition of collaborative work - Fabienne Audeoud and John Russell 2000-2005 (cat).
2004 Voicing the Vagina. [Bookworks commission].
In collaboration with Fabienne Audéoud. 8 limited edition posters and film event/installation at Commercial Tavern. Posters also flyposted around London. Toured as part of Infra thin projects to Ikon Gallery, Birmingham and International 3, Manchester. Incl. Mark Leckey and Mark Titchner. Cur: by Mark Beasley.
  Frozen Tears II
Contributing editor/designer. 800-page horror/theory BESTSELLER. Launches and readings at: Skylight Books, LA; Jack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco; Maccarone Inc, New York; Moonlighting Night Club, London (in collaboration with Cabinet Gallery); installation at Axxxpresssunizm (2004), Vilma Gold Gallery, London.
2003 Frozen Tears I. Cabinet Gallery, London.
Exhibition of 800-page bestseller novel and posters.
2002 The withdrawal from conversation/the return to the oceanic: the weight of the breast. Twenty women play the drums topless. South London Gallery.
Performance organised in collaboration with Fabienne Audéoud and Wayne Lloyd. Subsequently restaged at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (2003) and Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto (2006).
  The Collagist. The Trade Apartment, London.
2001 Abstract Painting, In collaboration with Fabienne Audéoud, The International 3, Manchester.
2000 There is nothing so profane to a man as an ugly woman….Beaconsfield, London.
In collaboration with Fabienne Audéoud, Exhibition of paintings and films.
  Group Exhibitions
2022 Catechism, Bridget Donahue, New York, New York, June 8 - July 29
  Les Trois Mouseketeers – Tout Pour Rien: Fabien Audeoud, Dan Mitchell, John Russell, Centre d’art contemporain - la synagogue de Delme, Delme, France, February 26 – May 29
2021 Party de Campagne, Centre d’art contemporain - la synagogue de Delme, 17 Mar - 30 May
  Core, Sandy Brown, Berlin, Germany, April 30 - May 29
2019 CAPITAL DRAWING GROUP, Bergen Assembly, Bergen, 5 Sept - 10 Nov 2019
  Sick Monday, The Horse Hospital, London, United Kingdom, July 22 - August 19
  Tainted Love, F. Audeoud & J Russell, La Villa Arson, Poitiers, 8 February - 26 May
  SCREENS, Galerie Noah Klink, Berlin, 21 Feb - 30 March
2018 As much about forgetting, Viborg Kunsthal Curated by McCormack, Michelle Atherton og Jette Gejl, 7 September - 25 November.
  Land and Sea, Atlanta Contemporary, Stove Works at Sculpture Flats, Chattanooga, August 10 - September 9. Curated by Daniel Fuller.
  Cellular World: Cyborg-Human-Avatar-Horror, Glasgow International, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Scotland, April 20 - October 7.
  It's all the same fucking day, man…, Galerie Crèvecoeur, Paris, France, Jan 19 - March 3 2017.
  CONDO: Emalin (hosting Galerie Gregor Staiger), London, January 14-15, 2016.
2017 Encore!, Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers, France, December 16.
  As Above, So Below: Portals, Visions, Spirits & Mystics, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland, April 13 - August 27.
  Against Interpretation, 265 Canal, New York, December 15 - 20.
  Le Bourgeois, 4 Eros House, London, England, April 16
  Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone, CCA Derry, 30 March - 21 May 2016. Touring to West Cork Art Centre, Skibbereen 13 January - 25 February 2017 and Ormston House, Limerick 24 March - 27 May 2017.
2016 Valegro, Slide Space 123, Mills College Aron Art Center, Oakland, California, November 3 - December 2. Curated by Jackie Im.
  TRIUMPH OF ZERO, Voidoid Archive, Glasgow, 29 October – 13 November
Dennis & Debbie Club, Erica Eyres, Beagles & Ramsay, John Russell & Andy Warhol.
  The Grand Dold Projects Art Gala, Oct 29 - Nov 13, 2016 Villa Junghans  Roggenbachstraße 6, 78050  Villingen im Schwarzwald
  Celebrate Resistance, South London Revolutionary Communist Group, Harts Lane Studios, New Cross, 1-3 June
  Le Bourgeois, 3236rls, London, 16 April 2016 - 28 May
  Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone, CCA, Derry, 30 March - 21 May.
2015 Lofoten International Art Festival 2015. Disappearing Acts. 28 August–27 September 2015. Curated by Matt Packer.
  Plague of Diagrams, ICA, London, 20 August.
2014 Everything is About to Happen An ongoing archive of artists’ books (Curated by Gregorio Magnani) in The Library Vacine, Artists Space, New York, September 25 - November 16 2014.
  The Common, The Midas Touch, Luton, 6 - 14 September 2014. Cur. Kerry Cambell.
  Myth-Science-Colloquium, Reactor, Nottingham, 26 April. Group exhibition, incl. Plastique Fantastique, Tai Shani, Benedict Drew, Oreet Ashery, Tom Clarke, Mark Jackson, and AAS. Cur. by Plastique Fantastique
  A Speculum That Shines, ROWING, London, 15 March - 12 April. Incl. Alastair MacKinven, Dawn Mellor, Paul Sharits, Jim Shaw, and Cathy Wilkes. Curated by Eoin Donnelly and Sara Knowland.
  Everything is About to Happen An ongoing archive of artists’ books, Corvi-Mora and Greengrassi, London. 14 March - 26 April. Curated by Gregorio Magnani.
2013 To The Reader, Capital Reading Group [Andrew Cooper, Enda Deburka, Dean Kenning and John Russell] Lange Nieuwstraat 4 (BAK), Utrecht. 19 October - 3 November. Curated by Benjamin Fallon.
  Dog Days II. Screening of Elf-flux, 2013. MOTInternational, 11 July – 17 August 2013
London. Including Dawn Mellor, John Russell and Haegue Yang.
  The Hecklers. Curated by Cedar Lewisohn. The New Art Gallery Walsall. 19 Jul - 22 Sept
  She – A Factory. Romanian Cult Inst., Stockholm,13 June. Screening of ‘Vermillion Vortex'. Including Auto Italia South East, The Bureau of Melodramatic Research, Torsten Lauschmann, John Russell, Marika Troili. Curated by Benjamin Fallon.
  O Chair O Flesh, Treignac Projet, Treignac, France. May 25 - September 29, 2013
Including Fabienne Audeoud, Christian Jankowski, Florian Roithmayr, Allan Sekula, Morten Torgersrud, Francis Upritchard, and Anne de Vries. Curated by Matt Packer.
  The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things, Nottingham Contemporary. Curated by Mark Leckey. 27 April – 30 June
  I Killed My Father, I Ate Human Flesh, I Quiver With Joy: An Obsession With Pier Paolo Pasolini. Allegra la Viola Gallery, New York. Curated by INVISIBLE-EXPORTS. February 22 - March 2
2012 Poster production, Portman Gallery, London. Curated by Dean Kenning. December
  Les Fleurs du Mal - New Art from London, BWA Wroclaw Galleries of Contemporary Art Poland, Warsaw, April 30 to June 17. Curated by Cedar Lewisohn
  File Transfer Protocol Haifa Museum of Art, April- May
Including Jem Noble, John Russell, Annabel Frearson, Polly Fibre, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Fieldclub, Darren Banks. Curated by Pil and Galia Kollectiv
2011 Painting Show Eastside Projects, Birmingham, November 2011 – Feb 2012
Curated by Sophie von Hellermann & Gavin Wade. Incl. George Best, Ashley Bickerton, Simon Bill, George Condo, Barry McGee, David Musgrave, William Pope.L, Laure Prouvost, Rob Pruitt, RH Quaytman, Alessandro Raho, DJ Simpson, Josh Smitha and Paul Thek
  Ugly clean up, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, Oct.
  After Shelley Duvall 67. Performance and paintings in collaborarion with Fabienne Audeoud. Curated by Bjarne Melgaard, Maccarone, New York. September.
  Late at Tate, Tate Britain, London. [Screening of 'Vermillion Vortex,' 2010] Friday 2 September Curated by Paul Purgas. Also includes work by Mark Dean, Hannah Perry, Aida Ruilova, Takeshi Murata and Cyprien Gaillard
  Narrative Show. Eastside Projects, Birmingham. May – July (Part 2: July –September).
  I am not a good enough feminist. Screening of Audeoud/Russell 'Twenty women play the drums topless'.Concrete Utopia, New York. May.
  Songs of the Swamp. Screening of 'Vermillion Vortex,' Kunsthalle Exnergasse, WUK, Vienna. January - March
2010 A Unicorn Basking in the Light of Three Glowing Suns, The Devos Art Museum, School of Art & Design at Northern Michigan University. Oct – Nov. Cur. Anthony Elms and Philip von Zweck
  Grizedale At Tate: Adding Complexity to Confusion: A History of Engaged Practice, Tate Britain, June. Incl. screening of: The Thinking (2004). Dir. Damon Packard with Mark Beasley and John Russell.
2009 The Dark Monarch. Tate St. Ives, Oct 2009 - Jan 2010
Incl. Damien Hirst, Henry Moore, Cerith Wyn Evans, Mark Titchner, Eva Rothschild, Simon Periton, Clare Woods, Steven Claydon, John Stezeker and Derek Jarman. Cur. Michael Bracewell and Alun Rowlands
  East International 09. Norwich Gallery, Norwich.
  Talk Show/True Mirror Microfiche. ICA, London, Saturday 30 May 2009
Performance/reading of ‘Return 0f the living dead III…’. Cur. Dexter Sinister
  Sudden White/GSK Contemporary. Royal Academy, London
Incl Cyprien Gaillard, Ryan Gander, Robert Smithson, Jonathan Horowitz, Lisa Oppenheim. Curated Mark Beasley.
  Loving Revolution, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki
In collab with F. Audeoud. Incl Szuper Gallery and Sari Tervaniemi. Cur. Susanne Clausen.

2008 Ne pas jouer avec des choses mortes. Villa Arson, Nice.
In collaboration with Fabienne Audeoud. Incl. John Bock, Mike Kelley, Roman Signer and Franz West.
  A4 Editions, Five Years Gallery, London
  Whitney Biennial/Dexter Sinister. Text: ‘Return 0f the living dead III. Clement Greenberg is a conceptual artist: Flatness and Shapism’ (2007), circulated by Dexter Sinister. Incl. True Mirror Microfiche. at The kitchen, New York. Fax performance of ‘Return 0f the living dead III. Cur. Dexter Sinister
2007 Fusion Now, Rokeby Gallery, London.
Incl. Mark Titchner, Liam Gillick, Roger Hiorn and Sam Basu, Cur. JJ Charlesworth.
  Intrusions au Petit Palais. Musée du Petit Palais, Paris.
In collaboration with Fabienne Audeoud. Exhibition of works from the FMAC collection. Incl. Roderick Buchanan, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Douglas Gordon and Arnulf Rainer
  Off Modern. La Station, Nice.
Collab. with F. Audeoud. Incl. Rita Ackerman, Blood ‘n’ Feathers, Josh Smith and Reena Spawlings
2006 Right-on/ write-off. Chapman Fine Arts, London.
Incl. David Falconer, Doug Fishbone, Mustafa Hulusi, Mark MsGowan, William Pope l and Eva Weinmayr. 
Curators: The Great Unsigned/J.J.Charlesworth/Mustafa Hulusi.
  New art from London. Mogashan Art Village, Shanghai, China; and DIAF 06.798 Space, Beijing, China. Incl. David Burrows, Lali Chetwynd, David Medalla & Martin Westwood. Cur: Anthony Gross/Jen Wu (cat).
  On Platforming. Locust Projects, Miami, Florida, USA.
Incl. Nicholas Frank, Gaylen Gerber, Paul Druecke and General Store. Curator: Gean Moreno.
  Painters without paintings and paintings without painters. Orchard Gallery, New York, USA.
Incl. Simon Bedwell, Daniel Buren, Merlin Carpenter, Nicolas Guagnini, Jutta Koether, Michael Krebber, Lucy MacKenzie, Blake Rayne, Reena Spaulings, and Cheyney Thompson. Curator: Gareth James.
2005 Post no bills. White Columns, New York.
Collab. With fabienne audeoud, incl. Lucy MacKenzie, Bob & Roberta Smith. Fiona Banner, Allen Ruppersberg, Rirkrit Tiravanija, John Waters, John Armleder, Walead Beshty. Curated by Matthew Higgs.
2004 AXXPRESSSUNIZM Vilma Gold Gallery, London (June); and Aliceday Gallery, Brussels.
Co-curator/exhibitor. In collab, with Mark Beasley. Incl. Matt Greene, Brock Enright, Damon Packard, Lorenzo De Los Angeles II, Scott Hugg, Amie Dicke and Jesse Bransford
  The Thinking. PS1/MOMA, New York, USA.
Collab. with Mark Beasley, Sam Walls & Damon Packard Part of the Romantic detachment exhibition. Incl. Jeremy Deller, Bedwyr Williams Adam Chodzko and Emily Wadill. Curated by Grizedale Arts.
  Videodreams: between the cinematic and the theatrical. Kunsthaus Graz, Austria. Screening of The withdrawal from conversation…. Collaboration with F. Audéoud and W. Lloyd. Screening of [...] Twenty women play the drums topless, 2002 Incl Janet Cardiff, Stan Douglas, Rodney Graham, Aernout Mik and Tony Oursler (cat).
2003 Now what? dreaming a better world in six parts. Basis voor Actuele Kunst, Utrecht, Netherlands.
Screening of The withdrawal from conversation…. Collaboration with F. Audéoud and W. Lloyd. Screening of [...] Twenty women play the drums topless, 2002 Incl Phil Collins, Janice McNab and Francesco Vezzoli. Curated by Annie Fletcher and Liutauras Psibiliskis (cat).
  Independence. The South London Gallery, London.
Incl. Art & Language, Monica Bonvicini, Marc Chaimowicz, Jake & Dinos Chapman and Gillian Wearing.
  Hurts so good. Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre, Lithuania.
Collaboration with F. Audéoud and W. Lloyd. Screening of [...] Twenty women play the drums topless, 2002 (cat).
2002 Strike. Curated by Gavin Wade. Wolverhampton Art Gallery (cat).
  John Moores 22 exhibition. The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.
  Art crazy nation. Milton Keynes Gallery. Incl. Merlin Carpenter, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Colin Lowe & Roddy Thompson, Sarah Lucas, Sarah Staton, Gary Wragg. Curator Matthew Collings
2001 Woof Woof. In collaboration with Fabienne Audéoud. Curated by Grant Watson and Beata Veszely. Austrian Institute, London. Touring to Project Space, Dublin (Jan 2002).
  Gymnasium. In collaboration with Fabienne Audéoud. Curated by Peter Lewis and Wolfgang Fetz. Palais Thurn & Taxis, Bregenzer Kunstverein, Bregenz, Austria (cat).
  Becks Futures 2. In collaboration with Fabienne Audéoud. ICA, London. Touring to: Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh; Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool; Sotheby’s, New York; Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle (cat).
2000 Cover versions. In collaboration with Fabienne Audéoud. Performance of Audeoud/Russell, John Russell kills Fabienne Audéoud in the style of William Burroughs. The Trade Apartment, London. November.
  Selected BANK Exhibitions
2022 BANK, STATUS QUO, Galerie Neu, Berlin,| 03 February – 09 April
2021 BANK solo show, CONCEPTUAL ART IN THE UK, 1998–99, Ordet, Milan, May 12–June 19
2019 BANK solo show, ’Summa’ Piper Keys, London, June 1 - July 7
2015 'Duh? Art & Stupidity' Curated by Paul Clinton and Anna Gritz, 10 November 2015 to 26 March 2016, Focal point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea, UK
2014 BANK ‘Faxbacks’ 1999, Tate Britain Permanent display.
  BANK at Trade Gallery, Nottingham.
Films incl. FuckShitWalk 1996, & Conference 1998, 1st March - 3rd May
Elaine MGK, Basel,
June 10 - 14
MOT International, London
Jan 10 – Feb 16
2012 SELF-PORTRAIT: BANK’s Archives & Relics - 1991-2003
TREIZE, Paris. Curated by Gallien Déjean
17 October to 17 November 2012
2010 Rude Britannia: British Comic Art. London. June –September.
Six copies of The BANK tabloid (1997) BANK [Bedwell/Thomson/Russell/Williamson] exhibited in group exhibition at Tate Britain.
  Grand National. Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Norway May –Oct
Group exhibition, including restaging of the 1998 BANK show ‘Stop Short-changing Us. Popular culture is for Idiots. We Believe in Art’.
  So Be It: Interventions in Printed Matter. Roth, New York April – May. Incl. BANK Faxbaks (London) 1999 and BANK Faxbaks (New York)1999.
2007 FAX-BACKS Dolores/de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam. BANK Faxbaks (London) 1999 and BANK Faxbaks (New York)1999.
2006 Bring the War home. Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York & QED Gallery, Los Angeles.
Incl: John Armedler, Simon Bedwell, BANK, Joel Mesler, Walead Beshty, Backroom, Reena Spaulings, Sam Gordon, Michael Phelan, Scorched Earth, Fia Backstrom, Sara Greenberger, Rafferty, Matthew Brannon, Adam McEwen, Jutta Koether and Kim Gordon, Lizzie Bougatsos, Cur:Drew Heitzler
  Fast and Loose. My Dead Gallery [BANK]. Fieldgate Gallery, London

Also incl. New Vision Centre, Signals, London Free School, Indica, Arts Lab, Gallery House, The Gallery, Fantasy Factory, Art Meeting Place, B2, NeTWork 21, The Women's Art Library/Make, workfortheeyetodo.
2003 Still life. Touring to: Museo de Belas Artes, Caracas, Venezuela; Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, Mexico City; Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango, Bogota, Columbia; Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Panama City, Panama; Museo de Arte Moderno, Guatamala; MAC Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; SESI, San Paolo, Brazil. Exhibiting BANK Dead Life paintings (1999). Incl. Anne Barribal, Martin Boyce, Patrick Caulfield, Nigel Cooke, AK Dolven, Roger Hiorns, Emma Kay, Christine Mackie, Mike Nelson, John Riddy, Jane Simpson, Simon Starling, Rebecca Warren, Gary Webb. Cur: Anne Gallagher/British Council
  Subscribe: recent art in print. Center for Curational Studies, Bard College, New York, USA.
Including. Incl. Franz Ackermann, Bank, Gareth James, Dave Muller, Danica Phelps, Ron Terada. Curator: Ingrid Chu.
2002 To whom it may concern. CCAC, Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, San Francisco, USA.
BANK Faxbaks (London) 1999 and BANK Faxbaks (New York)1999. Incl. A. Bulloch, F. Gonzalez-Torres, On Kawara, R. Prince, Gillian Wearing, cur. M. Higgs
2001 Century city. Tate Modern, London. Survey show of London in the 90s. Curator: Emma Dexter.
2000 Protest and survive. Whitechapel Gallery, London. BANK 'Field of Dreams' paintings, 1999. Incl. Tariq Alvi, Thomas Hirschhorn Mel Ramos, David Hammons, Inventory and Giorgio Sadotti Cur. Matthew Higgs & Paul Noble.
1999 Press release (New York). Solo BANK exhibition. Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, New York, USA.
  Dead life. Solo BANK exhibition. Mayor Gallery, 22a Cork Street, London.
  Press release (London). Solo BANK exhibition. Gallerie Poo Poo, 34 Underwood Street, London.
  Get together. Kunsthalle, Wien, Austria. Including a version of White [cubed], 1998, with Art & Language
  East. Norwich Gallery, Norwich School of Art & Design, Norwich.
1998 White[cubed]. 3 exhibitions: BANK and Bethan Huws/Art & Language/Lolly Batty. Gallerie Poo Poo, London.
  Stop short-changing us. Popular culture is for idiots. We believe in art. Solo BANK exhibition.
Gallerie Poo Poo, London.
1997 Sewage Lust. Solo BANK exhibition. Tabloid Launch, ICA, The Mall, London.
  Winkle the pot bellied pig and his woodland chums. BANK, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Minimal Club, John Cussans & Ranu Mukhergee, Michelle Griffiths and Russell Haswell. Gallerie Poo Poo, London. Touring to Bricks & Kicks, Vienna.
  God. Liz Arnold and BANK. DOG, 34 Underwood Street, London.
1996 Life/live Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, France and Centro Cultural De Belem, Lisbon. Survey Show of British Art. BANK’s contribution: Cool Tears, BANK, Simon Martin and John Stezaker,
  Fuck Off BANK, Lolly Batty, Gavin Turk, Rebecca Warren. DOG, London.
1995 Cocaine Orgasm. Tim Allen, Liz Arnold, BANK, Lolly Batty, Simon Bill, John Cussans & Ranu Mukhergee, Stephen Glynn, Gerard Hemsworth, Soren Martinsen, Muntean/Rosenblum, Chris Ofili, Janette Parris, John Stezaker, Michael Stubbs, Rebecca Warren, Max Wigram, Andrew Williamson. BANKSPACE, Curtain Road London.
  The Charge of the Light Brigade. BANK, Simon Bedwell, John Cussans & Colin Lane, Matthew Higgs, 0rphan Drift, Bob & Roberta Smith. BANKSPACE London.
  Zombie golf. BANK, Dave Beech, Adam Chodzko, Maria Cook, Martin Creed, Peter Doig, Matthew Higgs, Sivan Lewin, John Stezaker. BANKSPACE London.
1994 Wish you were here. Simon Bedwell, Sonia Boyce, David Burrows, The Cabinet Gallery, Lucy Gunning, Anne-Christian Lislegaard, Matt Mitchell, Ian Pratt, John Russell, Bob & Roberta Smith, Milly Thompson and Andrew Williamson. BANKSPACE London. September–October
1993 Natural history. BANK, David Burrows, John Russell, Milly Thompson, and John Timberlake. Battlebridge Road, London, August
1992 Space international. Simon Bedwell, Luis Contreras, Dino Demosthenous, Valentine Figueros, Esther McLaughlin, Derek Ogbourne, Jim Russell, John Russell, Stephen Park. Battlebridge Road, London. September–October. Touring to El Dientes Del Tiempo Gallery, Valencia. November
1991 Bank. Simon Bedwell, Dino Demosthenous, John Russell, Chris Winter and Carole Smith.Lewisham Way, London. June–July
1989 Celebrating the Male (1988-90) Simon Bedwell & John Russell. Various Venues
  Selected Head Gallery Exhibitions
2017 Judgement NOW, as Part of Dan Mitchell/DEATH LOLZ Presents... Head Gallery with Ruby McCollister, Judgement Now and Tobias Madison, Red Lace, Moon Unit, Black Comet, Cometh! Ludlow 38, MINI/Goethe-Institut, New York.
  NO FEELING, NO OUTRAGE. NO WORLD ... ONLY ARTWORLD, Head Gallery at Linden, c/o Papier und Gelb Ackerstraße, (as part of Okey Dokey) Düsseldorf, 9 – 30 Sep 2017
2016 Aquarium Proletarium (translated into Spanish), Carne Negre, Fanzine No.5, November
  Intimate Wine Reception curated by Melissa Sachs and Cameron Soren, Chateau Shatto, Los Angeles, March 19 - May 14
  HEAD, Mo-Leeza Roberts, (novel OUT NOW), ONLY £9.95 (UK money) BUY NOW from Book Works London
2015 Launch/Performance: Mo-Leeza Roberts, HEAD, London:Book Works, 2015, at Matts Gallery, London, 21 November.
  Launch/Performance: Mo-Leeza Roberts, HEAD, 2015, at Bridget Donahue Gallery, New York, 14 November. As part of Performa 15, 2015.
2014 Judgement Now’ Behind the green door, Kunstverein Munchen, July 13 (Performance).
  ‘The working classes can suck my 10-incher’, online from 12 July 2014, coinciding with performance at 2nd Cannons project space, Los Angeles on 12 July 2014.
  ‘Aquarium Proletarium’ Art Papers, September, 2014.
2013 Oscar Murillo, Defense of the Leaping of Hogs, June 2 through 27 Nov 2013 Hungarian Pavilionat the 55th Venice Biennale Giardini della Biennale Venice.  Webpage screened at R-U-Dead-Yet? Group show. SUMMERHALL, Edinburgh, 1 June - 19 July.
  STEINBACH/ABRAMOVICH. Better a dead collector than a paralysed one, January 12th through March 1 2013. Performance at Long Live The New Flesh, 12 January 2013, ICA, London.
2013 Happy Holidays [various], online from December 2. Including happy holidays from all the staff at Sprüth Magers. Happy holidays from White Columns. Happy holidays from Miguel Abreu.
  Andrea Fraser/Liam Gillick. FREEDOM. CCS Bard Presents: From 199A to 199B : Liam Gillick. Hessel Museum of Art, NY. June 23 - December 21, 2012.
2012 My Spinal Cord Traversed by the Axis of the Planet. Including texts by Ray Brassier, Eileen Joy, Dean Kenning, Rachel Kushner, Patricia MacCormack, Nicola Masciandaro, China Miéville, Reza Negarestani, Benjamin Noys, Nina Power, Hillary Raphael and Evan Calder Williams. Online from April. Exhibited as part of ‘Orbitecture I’ Grundy Gallery, Blackpool, 22 Jan to 12 March 2011, and ‘Orbitecture II: everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent’, 18 April to 11 June 2011. Performance and screening at Book Works, Again, A Time Machine: Bring the Dead Back to Life, Showroom, London, 13 December 2012.
  Orbitecture - OPEN UP THIS IS A PUSSY PUSSY - smash the representations of class domination before you bother with re-orienting the heavy metal of material culture. Online from 28 Jan 2011.
2010 Liam Gillick, An abrupt Treatise on the discursive harmonization of trade union voting strategies& Conservation Platforms XIII- XVI, Nov 30 - Dec 29 2010.
  Paul Chan, THE HAITIAN PIG - BECKETT, BRETCH, BELLADONNA, April 17 - may 23 2010.
2009 Hassan Nassim ART MARKET IS OK, Nov 11 - Dec 29 2009.
  DEAD, Group show curated by Colin de Land. Jason Rhodes, Dash Snow, Ana Medieta, David Wojnarowicz, Diego Velasquez, Claire Fontaine, Peter Fend, Rachel Feinstein. July 29 - August 29 2009.
  Mo-leeza Roberts. Unseen Moth. April 28 - June 16 2009.
  Rainbow Nbeme White Proletariat, Feb 9 - Mar 26 2009.
2010 Carlstone Dempsey, Rite of Spring: Save the Dancer, Nov 28 - Jan 10 [closed dec 23- jan 2] 2008. Reprinted in Da Thirst magazine, issue 2, 2013.